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VFD02-115AC-PCM AC Motor Control


The VFD02-115AC variable frequency drive is designed to run 115 VAC single phase and three motors, using a 115 VAC single phase line source.

It is is designed to "look and feel" like a DC drive. The quick and easy setup means no programming required.The cost conscious and compact chassis design maintains the industry standard mounting pattern and the LEDs make it easy to visually determine the drive status.

The unique torque ''foldback'' feature protects your motor and equipment. The VFD Series will allow 200% torque for a period of time (to overcome intermittent peak loads), then it acts to reduce the output current (or torque) to a preset, safe value which has been set by the TQ Limit trimmer pot. This results in eliminating potential equipment damage by a continuous 200% torque input.

The VFD Series includes additional features such as an adjustable carrier frequency of 4-16 kHz, output frequency range of 0-120 Hz, and an adjustable torque boost for start up. Enable and direction terminals are included for easy start/stop and direction control.

With its compact size, standard features, and application flexibility, the VFD Series is an excellent choice for most AC motor applications.

OBSOLETE: Direct replacement - VFD02-115AC with 200-0422

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Enclosure Maximum
Power Range Braking Reversing Isolation
Chassis 2.4  115 - 1Ø 115 - 1Ø & 3Ø 1/16 - 1/4 .05 - .19 No Yes 0 - 5 VDC
0 - 10 VDC
4-20 mA

MM Footprint: Industry standard mounting pattern developed by Minarik Drives

Variety of Motors: Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC), Shaded Pole, Synchronous, and 3Ø Induction

Torque Foldback: Allows up to 200% torque for short periods to overcome intermittent peak loads, then reduces the torque to a (preset) safe level

Isolated Logic: Accepts floating or grounded 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, or 4-20 mA signals

Adjustable Switching Frequency: Default 16kHz frequency can be changed to 4k, 8k, 10k, or 12k Hz using kit 202-0108. Higher frequencies result in audibly quieter motor operation, but lower frequencies produce less electrical noise and may prevent GFI tripping.

Diagnostic LEDs: Power, Torque Limit, Fault (Undervoltage, Overvoltage, 250% Current Limit Trip)

User Adjustable Calibration Trim Pots: Maximum Speed, Torque Limit, Boost, Acceleration and Deceleration