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TA10-D AC Motor Control

TA10-D Series

The TA10-D drive delivers the features and benefits of a microprocessor based drive, and the low cost of a triac control. This control is perfect to control speed of a single phase AC motor.
The industrial strength TA10-D has a continuous current rating of 10 Amps at 115 VAC and 9 Amps at 230 VAC. Other common triac drives are unable to maintain a steady voltage (speed) to the motor as the input AC line voltage sags or swells. However, the internal closed loop circuit on the TA10-D drive compensates for changing AC line voltages while maintaining a steady voltage to the motor, thereby maintaining speed.
The Minarik TA10-D drive takes advantage of single phase motor characteristics to provide approximately constant pressure in filtered fan applications. As the filter becomes clogged, the motor will speed up to maintain airflow.
The TA10-D is also capable of accepting a feedback signal. This feature is most commonly found in exhaust systems where a thermistor is used for feedback to maintain a set temperature. The drive can also take a set point voltage signal to create a PI closed loop system.
This unit contains Minimum Speed and Maximum Speed adjustable calibration trim pots. These pots allow calibration of the drive to prevent going below or above a certain speed, flow, or temperature.
Single phase permanent split capacitor (PSC), shaded pole, and synchronous motors can all be controlled by the TA10-D.

Potentiometer Kit 202-0096 is included with a purchase of the TA10-D


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Enclosure Maximum
Input Output Power Range Braking Reversing Isolation
TA10-D Chassis 10 115 - 1Ø 50 115 - 1Ø 50 1/2 .37 No No No
60 60
230 - 1Ø 50 230 - 1Ø 50 1 .75
60 60

* Output frequency is constant and equal to input line frequency. The TA10-D can only vary the output voltage, therefore applications requiring speeds below 75-80% of motor's rated speed should use a variable frequency drive, not a triac.

  • Microprocessor Based
    Allows custom programming for OEMs.
  • Autoranging Input
    No voltage switches to set.
  • AC Line Voltage Compensation
    Holds a steady output voltage even if the input voltage fluctuates.
  • Easy Calibration
    Trimpots for Minimum Speed, Maximum Speed, and optional feedback calibrating.
  • Variety of Motors
    Single phase Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC), Shaded Pole, and Synchronous motors.
  • Size
    Small footprint uses minimal panel space.
  • Feedback
    Optional PI closed loop control or thermistor feedback.
  • Low Cost
    Triac drives are a cost effective alternative to a traditional VFD.
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