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PCM3 Series

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The PCM3 card is a compact and cost-effective solution for process control application. Powered by 115 or 230 VAC, the PCM4 uses Burr Brown® Technology to isolate and condition incoming DC voltage signals from process controllers, motors, transducers, microprocessors or any signal. Typically, the output of the PCM4 connects to the input of a motor drive; hence, incompatible devices sofely couple to yield a higher level of automation. Integrating this isolation card allows drives to follow any non-oslated external voltage or current analog process contrl signal. Dip-switch selectable, the PCM4 can follow any input voltage signal, grounded or ungrounded, from -250 to +250 VDC and any input current signal from 1 to 50 mA. In response to the input, the PCM4 outputs an isolated bipolar signal from -12 to +12 VDC @ 10 mA,0.01% linearity yields precise results. High resolution multi-turn pots lets users scale the output to within millivolts of the input or any desired proportion within the range of the output. Users may elect to control devices in manual mode using normal potentiometer operation rather than from an external signal input.
DC Drive Accessory