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As any master chef will tell you, it's much easier working in a kitchen with a sharp knife than a dull one. That's why it's recommended that many knives be honed or sharpened before each use. But can bustling restaurants really afford the time it takes to perform this on dozens of knives each night?


That's where Tru Hone comes in. Tru Hone is a manufacturer based in Ocala, Florida, that designs and produces various types of honing and sharpening machines to be used in both commercial and private settings. Their machines allow a user to adjust both the speed of the honing wheels, as well as the angle, making the machine compatible with a wide assortment of knives.


While originally using a competitive product, Tru Hone made the decision to switch to Minarik Drives for several reasons. Minarik Drives offered a product that not only fit in the existing mounting space, but the board layout simplified the mounting process and reduced wiring. Combine that with an easier calibration procedure, and the Minarik Drives solution not only created a more efficient manufacturing process, but was able to do it at a reduced cost per unit! When asked about his experience with Minarik Drives, Tru Hone Vice-President Joe Gangelhoff had this to say. “Minarik Drives has been a joy to deal with. Not only do they make a top notch product that fits our application perfectly, but their customer support has been outstanding.”


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