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DC-4Q Series

The DC60-4Q is Minarik Drives’ Latest addition to the DC-DC family.

The DC60-12/24-4Q is a microprocessor based drive like all of our 4Q low voltage drives. This feature allows us to create unique features you won’t find on most drives. For example, the DC60-4Q series has built in short circuit protection, to prevent damage to the drive in the condition of a short on the motor connections. In addition to all the same benefits as the other drives, the DC60-4Q has a wireless option that allows you to remotely control the drive or event change parameters with a custom remote.


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Enclosure Maximum
Power Range Reversing Isolation
Chassis 30 60 12 0 - 12 1/25 - 1/3 .03 - .25 Yes
24 0 - 12 1/25 - 1/3 .03 - .25
0 - 24 1/12 - 2/3
.07 - .50
* Peak time of 1 minute
  • Low Voltage motor operation: Designed for 12 and 24 VDC motors.
  • 4Q reversing: Regenerative/ 4 Quadrant drives have the ability to perform quick and contactorless braking and/or reversing on the fly!
  • Speed range, regulation, & form factor: 1% of base speed regulation with 80:1 speed range and a 1.01 form factor over the entire range.
  • User adjustable calibration: Minimum Speed, Forward Maximum Speed, Reverse Maximum Speed, Motor Current Limit, Regen Current Limit, Acceleration, Deceleration, IR Comp.
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Power, current limit, over voltage, under voltage, and overheat foldback.
  • Brake Output: Applies a voltage out to a brake coil when the drive is disabled or stopped.
  • Stopping modes: Brake or coast to a stop.
  • 100% Duty Cycle: Drive has capability of outputting 100% of battery voltage.
  • Microprocessor based: Allows for special calibration ranges or custom I/O for OEMs. Ask about custom programming for positioning, cycling, and torque control applications.
  • High Efficiency: Outputs up to 100% of the input voltage.
  • RoHS: All DC6-4Q and DC20-4Q series models are RoHS compliant.