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RG60U-T DC Motor Control


Minarik’s full-featured RG60U-T regen torque drive remarkably fits in the industry standard “MM” footprint. Mounted on a gold extruded chassis, the RG60U-T is ideal for high duty-cycle applications. 
Enable and Inhibit terminals are standard on the RG60U-T, along with the option to invert their functions. The invert jumpers let the customer decide whether the drive runs or stops when terminals are opened or closed. The eight combinations to choose from provide tremendous application flexibility.
The new robust design of the RG60U enables it to withstand a 1G vibration test, making it an excellent choice for demanding applications!
The Torque/Velocity option card gives added capability to the RG60U-T allowing control of torque or speed in either the forward or reverse directions. Selection of torque or speed mode requires a dry contact relay or switch closure. Torque control of a regen drive allows the user to control overhauiling loads and the ability to perform basic open loop web tensioning and wind-up applications.

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Enclosure Maximum
Power Range Field / Shunt
Reversing Isolation
RG60U-T Chassis 10* 115 0 - 90 1/8 - 1 .10 - .75 No Yes No
230 0 - 90 1/8 - 1 .10 - .75
0 - 180 1/4 - 2 .20 - 1.5

*Heat sink kit 223-0159 must be used when the continuous output current is above 5 amps.

  • MM footprint: Extremely compact size with an industry standard mounting footprint
  • 4Q reversing: Regenerative/4 quadrant drives have the ability to perform quick, contactorless, reversing on-the-fly!
  • Speed range and regulation: 1% regulation over 50:1 speed range. 0.1% over 60:1 speed range with the addition of a tachometer for feedback
  • User adjustable calibration pots: IR compensation, max speed, min speed, forward acceleration, reverse acceleration, forward torque, reverse torque, tachometer and deadband.
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Power, forward current limit, reverse current limit.
  • Stopping modes: The user can decelerate (N.O.), regeneratively brake (N.O.) or coast the motor to a stop (N.O. and N.C.).
  • Spade terminals and cage clamp terminal block: Quick and easy wire connections.
  • Configurable enable and inhibit: Can be configured to be either normally open or normally closed.
  • Additional features: Tachometer feedback, gold extruded chassis and plastic capped trimmer pots.