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The XAC Series is a microprocessor-based Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) encased in a robust NEMA 4X die-cast enclosure designed to run 3-phase 230 VAC motors, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. Its easy installation process ensures minimal installation time and allows for a seamless integration into existing control spaces.

The innovative design contains a doubler-mode, enabling the control to operate a three-phase 230 VAC motor using a single-phase 115 VAC line source. The built-in Motor Overload Protection ensures the motor is safeguarded in overloaded or stalled conditions and complies with UL requirements. Additionally, the XAC Series is equipped with thermal recognition capabilities, proactively taking measures to prevent overheating. Users can opt for either manual or automatic restart following a trip condition, and between coasting or DC Injection Braking for quicker motor stopping. One of the standout features of the XAC Series is it also includes a microprocessor, providing ACE the flexibility to custom program the VFD according to an OEM’s specific operational requirements.

The XAC Series from American Control Electronics is a reliable, high-performance solution designed to meet the demanding needs of today's industrial environments.

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Input Voltage
Volts AC
(50/60 Hz, 1Ø)
Maximum Continuous
Motor Current
(RMS Amps / Phase) 1
Output Voltage Range
Volts AC
(50 or 60 Hz, 3Ø)
Braking Reversing Isolation
XAC660 Enclosure 2 115 4.8 1 0.75 0 - 230 Yes
(DC Injection)
Yes No
230 6.0 1 1/2 1.1

1 When mounted for upwards airflow through heat sink fins. De-rate by 10% if mounted in another orientation.
2 Designed for NEMA 4X weather-resistance applications.


Industry Standard Mounting Pattern: Designed to retrofit existing systems
Microprocessor Based: Allows custom programming for OEMs
Doubler Mode: Will run 230 VAC motors with a 115 VAC line
Overload Capability: Allows up to 200% torque for 1 miunute
Motor Overload Protection: Provides motor overload protection to prevent damage to the motor in an overload condition
Selectable Auto/Manual Restart: Use a jumper to select if the drive should automatically restart after a fault condition clears
Adjustable Base Frequency: Can be set for 50 or 60 Hz motors, regardless of input frequency
Selectable Switching Frequency: 12kHz for audibly quieter motor operation, 2kHz for less electrical noise and may prevent GFI tripping
DC Injection Braking: Can be used for quicker braking
Thermally Protects: Drive recognizes when overheated as a result from overload. After flashing a warning code, it will trip if condition persists
Diagnostic LEDs: Power, Status (Normal Operation, Motor Overload, I2T Timeout, Short Circuit, Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Stop, Phase Loss Detection, Communication Error)
User Adjustable Calibration Trim Pots: Minimum Speed, Maximum Speed, Acceleration, Deceleration/DC Injection Brake Time & Voltage, Torque Limit & Motor Overload Protection, Boost, Slip Compensation