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VT8-D230AC Display


Minarik Drives VT8 Series is the only choice when it comes to digital tachometers. The VT8 Series provides a simple and accurate readout for any object that has an optical encoder, magnetic pickup, or anything else that can generate a frequency related to what you wish to measure. There are four modes to choose from: tachometer mode for speed in any engineering unit, time in process for indicating the duration of an application, the inverse of speed (such as minutes per revolution) and basic totalizer for counting the frequency of speed sensor.


Potentiometer Kit 202-0014 is included with a purchase of the VT8-D230AC


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AC Line Power Acceptable Feedback Devices Power Supply Voltage For Feedback Devices Feedback Frequency Range
VT8-D230AC 115 / 230 5.5 watts nominally Hall Effect Sensor*
Electromagnetic Pickup
5 or 12 VDC NPN-type encoder or proximity switch*
5 or 12 VDC
10 mA
0 - 20,000 Hz

* NPN-type feedback devices should have a built-in pull-up resistor or have a pull-up resistor added externally.


  • Four Operating Modes:
    • 1) Speed
    • 2) Time In Process
    • 3) Inverse Speed (i.e.,minutes per revolution)
    • 4) Number of Counts
  • Selectable Feedback Devices: Accepts magnetic pickup, hall effect, inductive proximity sensor or encoder input.
  • +5 VDC (50mA) or +12 VDC (25mA) power supply: Provided to power feedback device.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Accepts 0-20,000 Hz from feedback device.
  • Easy to Read Display: 4-digit LED display is 0.7" (17.5 mm).