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Solar Powered Airplane Boarding Ramp

A recent OEM customer used our low voltage drives for propulsion and direction control in a solar powered airplane boarding ramp.

Automated Guided Vehicle Built Entirely In-House

This AGV was designed and built entirely by Minarik Drives staff. Everything used to build the AGV was off a local distributor's shelf. The motor and actuator controls are standard Minarik Drives models. The only custom unit was the communication card that uses RF or Bluetooth to communicate with the user and control the drives.

Photovoltaic Controller

This unit was used to control the cooling system in air conditioned cargo units.This drive was designed to run off 45-450 VDC or rectified AC from solar panels. If possible, it would charge batteries or use them as a backup if the solar panel power was insufficient for motor demands. There are 6 individual outputs to run 10 devices. All of the logic is internal to the Minarik Drives control and the touch screen GUI and logic was created entirely by Minarik Drives.

Golf Tripod Demo

In this video, we demonstrate how we can control the tilt of a table through positioning control of 3 actuators. The actuators are controlled by 3 HTL1.5-D-4Q's with our -L programming which uses linear feedback for positioning. The HTL1.5-D-4Q's are controlled by an Android app developed in-house over Bluetooth.

What Is A SCR?

1Q vs. 4Q / What Does Regenerative Mean?