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RG25 & RG51 Series



The RGH series is a regenerative half-wave SCR type drive series designed specifically for applications where quickly stopping or reversing a motor is required, but running at top rated speed is not. With the half-wave power section, the RGH Series drives can run up to 75 VDC with a 115 VAC input or 150 VDC with a 230 VAC input. With a widely used industry footprint standard, these compact 4Q drives eliminate the need for bulky mechanical relays or switches to reverse motor direction. As with all our 4Q drives, these units come standard with user adjustable trim pots for Max Speed, FWD/REV Torque, IR Comp, and DB. With these adjustments, a drive can easily be tuned to run almost any motor in the 1/8th to 1 HP range up to 80% of rated speed.

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