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MMRGD03-D230AC DC Motor Control


Minarik's MMRGD03-D230AC is one of the smallest full-wave, full-featured regenerative digital DC drivs on the market. The dual voltage MMRGD03-D230AC not only brakes and reverses DC brush motors on the fly, but is also in the industry standard MM footprint (3.72 X 4.42).

The -PCM option can accept grounded or floating inputs of -10 to +10VDC. If only a unipolar signal is available, there is a terminal input for reversing direction by contact closure.

The MMRGD03-D230AC is compatible with our DLC600 digital controller if tighter regulation of set speed is required. Contact factory for connection diagram.

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  • MM footprint: An extremely compact size in an industry standard mounting footprint.
  • 4Q Reversing: Regenerative/4 Quadrant drives have the ability to perform quick, contactorless reversing on-the-fly!
  • Speed range and regulation: 1% regulation over 50:1 speed range.
  • User adjustable calibration pots: IR compensation, max speed, forward current limit, reverse current limit and forward and reverse acceleration.
  • Stopping Modes: User can decelerate (N.O.),regeneratively brake (N.O.) or coast to a stop (N.C.).
  • Spade terminals: Easy to use, lower cost and able to fit in smaller package.
  • Options and accessories: 201-0024 inhibit plug with 18 inch leads for regenerative brake option, 200-0386 limit switch logic board and a DLC600 digital controller.
  • -PCM option: Add a -PCM to the end of the part number to receive the drive with an isolation transformer daughter card.