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MDBL Series

The MDBL series is Minarik Drives’ response to the growing demand for custom drives specific to an OEM’s application. We’ve designed a microprocessor-based regenerative PWM platform that will run brushed, brushless and AC motors. The MDBL series is the brushless DC version of this platform, with the MDPM and MDVF as the compliments.

The benefit of a single platform is that it allows for quick customization with most of the changes occurring in the microprocessor’s programming. With circuit boards and components being utilized across multiple platforms, the economies of scale allow us to pass the savings on to you.

The MDBL can be configured to run in three power modes: 115 VAC in – 130 VDC out; 115 VAC in – 260 VDC out; 230 VAC in – 260 VDC out. The mode is determined by which terminals the AC line is connected to, eliminating the need to set any switches or jumpers.

It comes with the ability to wire to a quadrature encoder which can be used for a tighter speed regulation or in place of the hall effect sensors. 

Enclosure Maximum
Power Range Reversing Isolation
Chassis 3 115 0 - 130 1/10 - 1/3 .08 - .25 Yes
0 to ±10 VDC
4-20 mA
0 - 240 1/6 - 2/3 .15 - .50
230 0 - 130 1/10 - 1/3 .08 - .25
0 - 240 1/6 - 2/3
.15 - .50
  • Familiar mounting pattern: Standard units available as a plate or heatsink, but ask about mounting on a L-shaped chassis to retrofit obsolete brushless drives.
  • Doubler mode: Can double a 115 VAC line to a 230 VDC bus output.
  • Speed range, regulation, and form factor: 0.1% of base speed regulation with a 100:1 speed range
  • Diagnostic LEDs: LED for power and status (undervoltage, overvoltage, short circuit/current trip, heating warning/trip).
  • Thermally protected: Drive recognizes when overheated as a result of overload. It first flashes a warning code on the status LED and will eventually trip if the condition persists.
  • Quadrature encoder option: Drive has connections for the quadrature encoders which can be used for speed regulation or in place of hall effects.
  • Auto-ranging power supply: Output voltage dependent on input voltage and which terminals the input is connected to. No switches or jumpers need to be set.
  • RoHS: All MDBL series models are RoHS compliant.