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Minarik Drives' DLC600 precisely controls your closed loop application speed. The DLC600's dual voltage capability allows it to replace Minarik's older DLC products. An encoder or proximity switch, hall effect sensor or electromagnetic pickup can provide the necessary feedback. Any engineering units, from revolutions per minute, to widgets per day can be used to display and program the speed. The large 4-digit LED display allows you to easily see exactly what speed you are running. When it comes to low-cost closed loop control, the DLC600 is your solution.

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AC Line Voltage AC Line Power Acceptable Feedback Sources Analog Output Voltage Range Power Supply Voltage for Feedback Devices Speed Regulation Feedback Frequency Range
115 or 230 VAC  ±10%

50/60 Hz, Single Phase
5.5 watts nominally
  • Hall Effect
  • Electromagnetic Pickup
  • 5 or 12 VDC NPN-type encoder or proximity switch**
  • Encoder*
0 + 10 VDC +5 VDC or
+12 VDC @ 10mA
0.05% 10 to 3000Hz*
* System speed range may be limited by other factors, such as motor type, feedback resolution, etc.
** NPN-type feedback devices  should have a built-in pull-up resistor or have a pull-up resistor added externally

  • Excellent Speed Regulation: 0.05% speed regulation of set speed provides for tight control throughout a 200:1 speed range.
  • Pushbutton Programing: Three front panel pushbuttons provide quick and easy programming.
  • 4-Digit LED Display: Red 0.5 inch (13 mm) wide digits for good visibility.
  • Programmable Decimal Point: Makes specific application readouts easy.
  • Inhibit Terminal: A low voltage,dry contact closure on the inhibit terminal will reduce the output to zero.
  • Selectable Feedback Devices: Controls accept magnetic pickup, hall effect, inductive proximity sensor or encoder input.
  • + 5 VDC or + 12VDC (10 mA) Power Supply: Provided to power feedback devices.