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BOSS04-D240AC-4Q Brushless Motor Control


  • 4Q Reversing: Regenerative or 4-quadrant drives have the ability to perform quick,contactorless reversing on-the-fly!.
  • Speed range and regulation: 0.1% speed regulation over 80:1 speed range in voltage or velocity mode. 0.05% over 100:1 speed range in tachometer mode.
  • User adjustable calibration pots: IR compensation, min speed, forward max speed, reverse max speed, reverse current limit, forward current limit, acceleration, deceleration, zero offset, gain and tachometer.
  • Diagnostic LEDs: LEDs for power and fault.
  • Stopping modes: The user can regeneratively brake (N.O.) or coast the motor to a stop (N.C.).
  • Quick connect terminal block: Quick and easy wire terminations.
  • Four operating modes: Voltage mode (no feedback), velocity mode, tachometer feedback mode and current mode.
  • High switching frequency: Power devices switch at 22kHz resulting in a very quiet motor.
  • Options and accessories: BOSSDB-115 or BOSSDB-230 regen dump circuits.

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Minarik's BOSS04-D240AC-4Q is a brushless DC drive that provides regenerative braking from 1/2 to 2HP. The BOSS04-D240AC-4Q drive incorporates the desireable attributes of AC and DC systems; little or no maintenance (no brushes); compact, cool running and quiet motor operation; excellent speed range (80:1); 0.1% speed regulation; quick response; high speeds; superb low-end torque and no audible switching noise.

The BOSS04-D240AC-4Q can be run in four different modes; voltage mode when using external velocity controllers to avoid ''fighting''; velocity mode which uses both the internal voltage and velocity loop for excellent regulation; tach mode for use with tachogenerator feedback of 7-50V/kRPM for good low-end speed control and current mode with a 1kHz bandwidth for controlling torque- excellent with front-end controllers.

A 10-pin male connector provides non-isolated drive diagnostic outputs. A user may obtain the following information: run/stop indication, tachometer output proportional to speed, fault indication, average RMS current out and phase current out.
  • Pumps
  • Office Machinery
  • Medical Equipment
  • Packaging
  • Conveyors
  • Exercise Equipment