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Picture of ACX600-LP AC Motor Control

ACX600-LP AC Motor Control

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Input Voltage
Volts AC
(50/60 Hz, 1Ø)
Maximum Continuous
Motor Current
(RMS Amps / Phase) 1
Power 2
Output Voltage Range
Volts AC
(50 or 60 Hz, 3Ø)
Braking Reversing Isolation
ACX600-LP Open Chassis 115 2.5 3/4 0.56 0 - 230 Yes
(DC Injection)
Yes No
230 3.2 1 0.75

1 When mounted for upwards airflow through heat sink fins. De-rate by 10% if mounted in another orientation.
2 Assuming premium high efficiency motors. Select control using motor amperage rating.


Industry Standard Mounting Pattern: Designed to retrofit existing systems
Microprocessor Based: Allows custom programming for OEMs
Doubler Mode: Will run 230 VAC motors with a 115 VAC line
Overload Capability: Allows up to 200% torque for 1 miunute
Motor Overload Protection: Provides motor overload protection to prevent damage to the motor in an overload condition
Selectable Auto/Manual Restart: Use a jumper to select if the drive should automatically restart after a fault condition clears
Adjustable Base Frequency: Can be set for 50 or 60 Hz motors, regardless of input frequency
Selectable Switching Frequency: 12kHz for audibly quieter motor operation, 2kHz for less electrical noise and may prevent GFI tripping
DC Injection Braking: Can be used for quicker braking
Thermally Protects: Drive recognizes when overheated as a result from overload. After flashing a warning code, it will trip if condition persists
Diagnostic LEDs: Power, Status (Normal Operation, Motor Overload, I2T Timeout, Short Circuit, Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Stop, Phase Loss Detection, Communication Error)
User Adjustable Calibration Trim Pots: Minimum Speed, Maximum Speed, Acceleration, Deceleration/DC Injection Brake Time & Voltage, Torque Limit & Motor Overload Protection, Boost, Slip Compensation