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MM23101C DC Motor Control

MM23000C Series

Minarik Drives' MM23101C is housed within an aluminum NEMA 1 enclosure guaranteeing protection from hands, falling dirt or any other unwanted external solid objects that present a hazard. Users make all wire terminations at the screw terminal strip inside the enclosure and operate the drive through the pre-mounted speed potentiometer and power switch.

The MM23101C is dependable and adept at controlling DC SCR brush-type motors in variable speed applications from 1/8 to 2 HP. Using full-wave rectification of the AC line input, these SCR drives provide a 60:1 speed range. It is a dual voltage drive which operates from 115 to 230 VAC to run 90 or 180 VDC motors.

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Enclosure Maximum
Power Range Field / Shunt
Braking Reversing Isolation
MM23101C NEMA 1 10* 115 0 - 90 1/8 - 1 .09 - .75 50 / 100 No No No
230 0 - 90 1/8 - 1 .09 - .75 100 / 200
0 - 180 1/4 - 2 .19 - 1.5

* Heat sink kit 223-0174 must be used when the continuous output current is above 5 amps.


  • NEMA 1 Enclosure: Prevents accidental contact with the circuit board
  • Field Supply: Voltage output to energize the field winding of a shunt-wound motor
  • Stopping Modes: Inhibit (N.O.) for coasting to a stop. Can be used for frequent starting and stopping
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Current Limit
  • Case LEDs: Power
  • Pre-Wired Switches: ON/OFF

Technical Data

  • 1.37 Form Factor
  • 1% Base Speed Regulation
  • 60:1 Speed Range

Trim Pots

  • Maximum Speed
  • Minimum Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Current Limit
  • IR Compensation
Introduction to the MM23000C Series
MM23000C Series Wiring
Reversing with the MM23000C Series
MM23000C Connections to PCM4
Trim Pot Calibration: Minimum Speed
Trim Pot Calibration: Maximum Speed
Trim Pot Calibration: Acceleration
Trim Pot Calibration: Deceleration
Trim Pot Calibration: Torque / Current Limit
Trim Pot Calibration: IR Compensation